Screw Loose

Event Description

Presented by Queensland Cabaret Foundation.

“Vascotto’s vocals are undeniably sensational.” Theatre People

“…played the role of a stalker eerily well.” Australian Stage

“It would be a crime to miss this show.” Weekend Notes

2016 RAW Comedy Finalist Emily Vascotto presents her award winning cabaret, Screw Loose.

With a delectable smorgasbord of musical numbers and moves, this comedy cabaret celebrates one woman’s unwavering quest for love in all the wrong places …and possibly restraining orders.

This hilarious show takes a look into the mind of an unhinged girl, and features everything from musical theatre numbers to rap. Vascotto offers never before seen insight into the quirky, ridiculous and hopefully endearing mind of a modern day stalker. Screw Loose is not your typical boy meets girl story. This is your girl meets boy, girl stalks boy, girl kidnaps boy, and keeps him in her closet.

Join this hopeless romantic, charming conversationalist, and romance novel enthusiast, for a night of singing, sexy dance moves and a teensy weensy bit of stalking. Because even stalkers deserve to find love right…? Right!

Written and Performed by Emily Vascotto

Accompanied by Ben Murray

Directed by Gabriella Flowers

Supported by Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Wednesday June 7


Thursday June 8


7:15 pm to 8:05 pm

QLD Multicultural Centre, 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia


Queensland Multicultural Centre

102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point 4169

PO Box 7299 , East Brisbane QLD 4169



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Emily Vascotto
Emily Vascotto6 days ago
Emily Vascotto
Emily Vascotto5 months ago

AUSTRALIAN STAGE REVIEW! "There’s a stillness and confidence to Vascotto’s performance which captures attention perfectly onstage"

Emily Vascotto
Emily Vascotto5 months ago

"Vascotto (can) switch from sweet and cute to creepy and just a little bit scary at the drop of a...

Emily Vascotto
Emily Vascotto5 months ago

"Screw Loose is fast, funny, and often quite fabulous."
First revieeeeeew! :) :) Thank you Catherine Lawrence!

Emily Vascotto
Emily Vascotto5 months ago

Come closer, I have a secret. CLOSER. CLOOOOOSEERRR!
Ok too close. Back up a bit.


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